Soundproof Windows

Soundproof Windows

We install soundproof windows in London as our ever increasingly busy capital city operates around the clock, 7 days a week. Unwanted noise impacts our lives and without soundproofing often results in interrupted sleep & increased stress affecting concentration & creativity.

Soundproof Windows London

Acoustic Windows

Not all noise is unwanted, however it becomes a nuisance when it cannot be controlled. Aircraft if you live near London airports, the drone of traffic, schools, building works and railways all play their part, often cumulatively. So soundproofing windows and doors can often be the best solution.

Acoustic Windows

Why Soundproof Windows?

Your home is a place to sleep, rest and unwind although often that is not the case due to invasive external noise. One way to help is to reduce the noise entering through single glazed poorly fitting windows by using a three step soundproofing process.

  1. Seal the air carried noise leaking around the windows.
  2. Double glaze thereby interrupt the sound wave and insulate.
  3. Install acoustic laminate glass within the double glazed unit.

Soundproofing Windows London

Acoustic Glass

Two sheets of glass are bonded together with a centre layer of acoustic PVB (polyvinyl butyral) to form a clear laminate to provide excellent airborne sound insulation. Available in various thicknesses it may be used in both single and double glazed applications. It is by default a security / safety glass and absorbs 99% of ultra-violet radiation thereby reducing fading of furniture and fabrics. Further information available here :

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What Our Customers Say

The windows, through their noise and draught reduction, have made a material difference to our sleep, heating bills and more generally the quality of our lives.

Eugene Curley, Putney, London SW15. Jan 2018

I have been oversleeping, the soundproofing really works!

Sue Mason, Kew, London TW9. Feb 2018
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“We’ve recently had 12 large sash windows fully refurbished and have been extremely impressed by the quality of the workmanship, attention to detail and customer service.”

Mr C Smith, London

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